Doing Business Abroad: How To Avoid Offending Your Business Partners


Etiquette and cultural differences can make life quite difficult for those business people who travel often and meet up with their foreign partners abroad.

It’s the small things that can often make a difference whether it’s in meetings and for negotiating or foreign customs that should be followed in more casual settings.

How can you avoid to offend your business partners abroad?

Over at The Telegraph I found a helpful article that you should take a look at when you travel often and need some help with foreign customs. Check it out at How To Avoid Offending Business Partners Abroad.

Also, if you’re interested in some Entrepreneur success stories I recommend you see

It’s a helpful post about a very business¬† successful venture which started in a room of two ladie’s parents’ homes three years ago. It can help you too if you’re still looking for business ideas.


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